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Emily Osment(Lily) is 19.

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Q: How old is Hannah montanas best friend?
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How old is Hannah montanas mum and dad?

39(Dad) And 34(Mum)

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it ended beacause she was getting to old for the show and she didnt want to do it any more

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Miley audition for Hannah Montana when she was 11 and got the role when she was 12. She originally audition for Lilly Trusscott, Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana's best friend.

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In Hannah Montana, Miley's mom died when she was real little, i think she died from i car crash i don't exactly know

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well she tells interviewers tha she doesnt but her dad is letting her go out with a 21 year old when shes only 16!!!! people say its her best friend Mandy teaching her this. AND THERES ANYONE WHO THINK IM LIEING WELL I GET THIS FROM MAGEZINES KK

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Sorry son, she has a steady boy friend. No, Hannah can't date a 10 year old boy she has a boyfreind Hannah Montana can't marry you

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Miley's best friend Mandy is 20 years old

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12 or 13 i think....she actually auditioned for the roll of "Rose", hannah's friend

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