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He was born in July 1975.

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Q: How old is Gordon Trumper step father of Kaulitz twins?
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What is the kaulitz twins full name?

They have no middle names so it's Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz.

Where are tom and bill kaulitz parents?

Their mother was Simone and their father was Jörg.But they boys' parents split up (they were never married) when they were seven, and their mother met Gordon Trümper in 1987 and married him in the Summer of 2009.Simone Kaulitz and Jörg Kaulitz. and there stepfather after they got a divorce is Gordon Trümper.Simone Kaulitz-Trumper and Jörg Kaulitz and their stepdad Gordon Trumper.

Who is Bill Kaulitz's step-father?

Gordon is in a band called Fatun. You can find them on youtube. bill kaulitz step farther is Gordon trumper. he owns a rock school in Germany called rock school. he married simone (bill and tom kaulitz mother) in summer of 2008 but got together with her when bill and tom were 7.he inspired the boys to get in music buissness and gave tom kaulitz his first guitar.NOW TOM HAS 17 GUITARS. lol. xxxxxx from mrs bill kaulitz xxxxxxx

What is bill kaulitz dads name?

His biological dad's name is Jörg Kaulitz. But their mother split with their father (they were never married) when they were 7 and she got a new boyfriend, Gordon Trumper, who has a rock school named " Rock's Cool". He gave to the twins the idea to build a band, And was the first who gave to Tom his first guitar. Also he gave to the band their first rock lessons. Simone got married in the summer of 2009 after 12 years together.

Does Bill kaulitz take his family on tour with him?

Not normally but last year on the Humanoid tour they did invite their stepdad, Gordon Trumper, and i think that was to have someone to keep an eye on the dogs and walk them etc when the boys were busy. They've never brought their dogs on tour before so this was the first time and it was Tom's dog and Scotty who are the twins dog but is more taken care of by Gordon.

Did the Kaulitz twins have an abusive father?

They rarely speak of their father but they say they had and have a good relationship with him so I doubt that.

What is Tom Kaulitz's full name?

== == The twins never took their stepdads last name, it's just Kaulitz. His full name is Tom Kaulitz.if u count in his stepdad's name it would be Tom Kaulitz - Trumper :)

What is the real name of tom kaulitz?

His real name IS Thomas trumper Kaulitz. EDIT: He said in multiple interviews that neither he nor Bill had extended names, and had never had. Their names are NOT Thomas or Wilhem, they are Bill and Tom, end of discussion. As for the Trümper, that is only their stepfather's middle name, and the twins decided to get it removed, they didn't want to have the Trümper name. Tom Kaulitz, is Tom Kaulitz's real name, nothing further, nothing less.

What movie did the Kaulitz twins in?

Well, I think the Kaulitz twins doesn't have any movies..... :) It was a drama not a movie.

Where do the kaulitz twins livee?

The Kaulitz twins moved to Hamburg, Germany, to be closer to their studio. They live in an apartment together. cute :P

Have twins kaulitz msn?

No they don't.

When did the kaulitz twins have a peircengs?