How old is Fabrice Muamba?

Updated: 8/28/2023
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He was described as 'effectively dead' for 78 minutes.

The paradox is that although it was a dreadful thing to happen to anybody, it could hardly have happened in a better PLACE. To give anybody a remote hope of survival from this sort of arrest, it needs the right treatment to be given immediately. Muamba had trained medical personnel, defibrilators and an ambulance within 100yds, who were able to give him the correct treatment within seconds. A Premiership football pitch with 30,000 spectators might be a bit public, but all the equipment and facilities were there on hand at the critical moment.

Other than the reception area of a hospital, there's nowhere better equipped for the job.

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Former footballer Fabrice Muamba is 29 years old (birthdate: April 6, 1988).

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Q: How old is Fabrice Muamba?
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What is Fabrice Muamba's birthday?

Fabrice Muamba was born on April 6, 1988.

When was Fabrice Muamba born?

Fabrice Muamba was born on April 6, 1988.

Does Fabrice Muamba have children?

No. Fabrice Muamba does not have any children. He does have a fiance named Shauna.

What team is fabrice muamba on?

Bolton Wanderers FC

Has fabrice muamba died?

no, but he is very in critical condition

What had happened to Fabrice Muamba?

Fabrice Muamba when into cardiac arrest and was send to the hospital. He then was worked on for 48 minutes after his collapse and was known to be dead after not responding to 15 different defibrillator shocks.

Can you be dead and alive?

Yes. Yes you can. It happened to Fabrice Muamba

Did Footballer Fabrice Muamba die VS spurs?


Will Fabrice Muamba ever play football again for Bolton fc?

After the cardiac arrest i dont think so but fabrice muamba is one of the coaches at the bolton centre of exellence school!

Where did fabrice muamba collapse?

Hes a footballer he collapsed on the football pitch

How much does fabrice muamba of the Bolton Wanderers make a week?


How long was Fabrice Muamba dead for?

Bolton Wanderers club doctor later confirmed that Fabrice Muamba had received numerous defibrillator shocks both on the pitch and in the ambulance, but his heart had stopped for 78 minutes