How old is Don Omar?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Don Omar is 39 years old (born William Omar Landrón Rivera, February 10, 1978).

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Q: How old is Don Omar?
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Who is is Don Omar dating?

Don omar has a lost 13 year old son he never claimed..

How did don Omar became famous?

why is don Omar famous

How tall is don Omar?

Don Omar how tall is he

Who is don omar's wife?

Don Omar's wife is Jackie Guerridos.

What other names is Don Omar known as?

Don Omar is known by other names. Don Omar is also known and called by the name El Rey. Don Omar is also called by the name William Omar LandrÃ_n Rivera.

What is the birth name of Don Omar?

Don Omar's birth name is William Omar Landrn Rivera.

When was Don Omar born?

Don Omar was born on February 10, 1978.

What is Don Omar's birthday?

Don Omar was born on February 10, 1978.

What type of music does don Omar sings?

don Omar sings reggaeton

What is Don Omar's real name?

Don Omar's real name is William Omar Landrón Rivera.

Does don Omar act in fast five?

Yes Don Omar Was In Fast Five.

Is don Omar half dominican?

Don Omar is half Dominican. He has came out and said it. However, his mother is not Dominican, she is Puerto Rican. Don Omar's Father is Dominican.