How old is Craig Vye?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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UK actor Craig Vye is 33 years old (born July 19, 1983)

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Q: How old is Craig Vye?
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When was Craig Vye born?

Craig Vye was born on July 19, 1983, in UK.

Who does Craig vye play?

Craig vye plays hunky detective Ethan Scott in hollyoaks :)

Who plays Ethan in Hollyoaks?

Craig vye plays detective Ethan Scott on hollyoaks :)

Is Craig vye gay?

I hope so

How old is Ethan Scott from hollyoaks?

Craig vye (Ethan Scott) from Hollyoaks 27 years old (28 years old)

Is Craig Douglas married?

Craig Vye is married he is married to a fit hott girl she has the same birthday as him, 19th July and they are sooo good together.

What is the birth name of Murvyn Vye?

Murvyn Vye's birth name is Vye Jr., Marvin Wesley.

How tall is Murvyn Vye?

Murvyn Vye is 6' 1".

What actors and actresses appeared in Drive-through - 2012?

The cast of Drive-Thru - 2012 includes: Geoff Breton as Darren Gemma Chitty as Speaker Voice Craig Vye as Chris

When was Murvyn Vye born?

Murvyn Vye was born on July 15, 1913, in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.

When did Murvyn Vye die?

Murvyn Vye died on August 17, 1976, in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA of natural causes.

What has the author Cecile Rochon Vye written?

Cecile Rochon Vye has written: 'Different drummers: readings for composition' -- subject(s): College readers