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He has six children. Three of them are famous themselves:

  • Joe Sumner, a singer and bassist for the rock band Fiction Plane, was born on 23 November 1976
  • Mickey Sumner, an actress, was born on born 19 January 1984
  • Eliot Sumner, a musician, was born on 30 July 1990
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Sting (Gordon Sumner) has 6 children: 2 (son/daughter) by first wife Frances Tomelty (m. 1976-1984)

and 4 (daughter/son/daughter/son) by second wife Trudie Styler (married 1992)

Joe (Joseph) - born November 23, 1976

Kate (Fuchsia Katherine) - born April 17, 1982

Mickey (Brigitte Michael) - born January 19, 1984

Jake - born May 24, 1985

Coco (Eliot Pauline) - born July 30, 1990

Giacomo Luke - born December 17, 1995

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Q: How old are Sting's children?
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