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Mk XV $15,000 USd in 1945

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Q: How much was a Norden bombsight?
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B-17 bomb guidance system?

It used a Norden bombsight.

What optic device was used to drop bombs in world war 2?

Norden Bombsight

How was the atomic bomb dropped on japan?

By B-29 Superfortresses using Norden Bombsight.

What member of the Enola Gay crew dropped the atom bomb?

Major Thomas Ferebee the Bombardier.He was responsible for operation of the Norden bombsight. After setting the bombsight up and locating the Aim Point in its crosshairs he requested Colonel Paul Tibbets the Commander and Pilot to transfer control of the plane to the bombsight. Once he verified that the Norden bombsight was properly controlling the plane Ferebee flipped the Autorelease switch on the bombsight to allow the bombsight to do the drop automatically without further attention. After that he had nothing more to do until a second or so after the bomb dropped, when he flipped a switch on the bombsight returning control of the plane back to Tibbets.

What type of computer did the bombing solutions in the World War 2 Norden Bombsight?

There were no airborne digital computers, in the modern sense of the word and digital computers were too big, at the time of World War II. The Norden bomb sight was worked out by Norden with the help of a slide rule. It did amount to an analog mechanical computer, the object being to compute bombing solutions in real time. It was quite effective in coastal bombing applications, because of the relatively "flat" (accurate) radar reflections off of water. It's accuracy in terrestrial bombing was much better than "dead reckoning", but not nearly as accurate as advertised (the skill of the bombardier made a great difference). The original design of the Norden was "leaked" to the Germans by a Norden employee as early as 1940, and the German bombsight was a fairly close copy of the Norden.

How was High-Altitude Precision Daylight Bombing applied during World War 2?

The Norden Bombsight facilitated day bombings ~ see related link below .

Who invented the norton bombsight?

The Norden sight was designed for use on US Navy aircraft by Carl Norden, a Dutch engineer educated in Switzerland who emigrated to the US in 1904 and worked on bombsights at the Sperry Corporation before starting his own company. The Norden was later adopted by the USAAF. The Norden was initially built at the Norden plant in New York City before the start of WWII and then at several other companies during the war, with a wide variety of different versions being built, all with minor differences.

How much was a Sperry bombsight?

The S-1 was $15,000 USD in 1945

What are the example of non electronics computer?

Norden Bombsight, WW2 submarine torpedo targeting and fire control computer. Both done entirely with gears, wheels, levers, etc. some electric motors and syncro-motors were used too. No electronics.

What is the birth name of Denis Norden?

Denis Norden's birth name is Denis Mostyn Norden.

What are the release dates for Hogan's Heroes - 1965 Bombsight - 5.7?

Hogan's Heroes - 1965 Bombsight - 5.7 was released on: USA: 7 November 1969

When was the analog computer made?

Mechanical ones were built as far back as 100BC. The Bush Differential Analyzer was a large programmable electromechanical analog computer built starting in 1929. The famous Norden Bombsight of WW2 was an electromechanical analog computer designed in the 1930s and built through much of the 1950s, when electronic analog computer bombsights replaced it. Electronic ones were built from the 1930s through the 1970s.