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Gaara's gourd is full of sand, however, he can take regular sand off the ground and can even use his existing sand to grind up rocks and earth to make more.

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Q: How much sand does Gaara have?
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Where does Gaara live?

Gaara lives in Suna. Which translated in English is the village hidden in the Sand. ^^

What is Gaara's favorite animal?

A sand beast

Does Gaara still have his Jinchuuriki after he is revived?

No he doesn'tNo, he is no longer a Jinchuuriki, however he still has the power to control sand and still has a few of the Shukaku abilities such as the 'Play Possum Jutsu' however performing this jutsu temporarily puts him to sleep. It is unknown how much he was affected by the removal of the Shukaku.

Does Gaara still have shukaku?

Yes and No at the same time. Gaara has the Shukaku when he is a little boy. But when we get to the Shippuden episodes he soon loses his Shukaku and is brought back to life by Grandma Chiyo. Even though he doesn't have his Shukaku he is still able to be Kazekage and control sand. (i answered this question because i know almost everything about Gaara. I'm not obsessed but i love him ALOT!) ^ ^ ^to add a little bit more for those of you who are wondering. Shukaku did NOT give Gaara the power to control sand. That is a common misconception. Shukaku gave Gaara "ultimate protection". Basically Shukaku amplified Gaara's sand by controlling it himself, thus allowing the sand to protect Gaara even when Gaara did not wish it. Gaara's ninjutsu though is the ability to control sand. Now that Shukaku is gone though, Gaara has to use ninja signs in order to control his jutsu, instead of relying on Shukaku to kick butt for him xD Non-the-less Gaara is still my second favourite character. The only person i like more that Gaara is Hidan xD ^ ^ ^ haha hidan. he's kinda lame. he's so emo. XD gaara's favorite. then kakashi. so yeah gaara still has his sand powers but now he can 'feel pain'. because before the shukaku wouldn't let him get hurt.

What does the symbol on garru in naruto mean?

Don't you mean Gaara of the sand in Naruto? Anyway the symbol on Gaara's head means love.

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Can Choji break though Gaara's sand?

Probably Not, Gaara Is Much Stronger.

What is the whole name of temari in naruto?

Their last names are unknown, but Gaara last name is Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand because of his abilities to munipulate sand from the Shakaku.. That's pretty much about him...

Why can Gaara still control sand and have the one tailed sand demon inside him if it was sealed by the Akatsuki?

yes but he won't have as much sand as before gaara can still use sand because its like baki with wind but with gaara and sand. this is correct although gaara no longer has shakaku inside of him. he controls the sand by his charkra although because the shakaku was removed from his body he no longer posses the ability to be able to defend from attacks by the sand instantly as that was the sand demon. he should still be able to use the ultimate defence as i believe that is himself who does that and not the one tail __________ The ultimate defence was never shukakus' power. It was his mothers love.

Where does Gaara live?

Gaara lives in Suna. Which translated in English is the village hidden in the Sand. ^^

What is Gaara's favorite animal?

A sand beast

Can Gaara still control sand?

Yes, he can.

What is the sand guys name from Naruto?


On Naruto why is Gaara is called Gaara of the Sand?

Not only is he from the Village Hidden in the Sand and later the Kazekage of this village, he is also the host of the one tailed beast Shukaku the Sand Spirit. This gives him the ability to wield chakra infused sand which is probably where he got the title. -cause he has a sand monster inside of him and they dont call him that. they call him gaara of the desert

Can you list of Gaara's moves?

Sand Burial Giant Sand Burial Sand Tsunami Sand Lightning Rod

What episode does Gaara's sand demon come out?

Episode 74- Astonishing Truth: Gaara's Identity Emerges!

What is the favorite jutsu of Gaara?

Sand binding coffin

What is place of Gaara?

Sunagakure (Village Hidden In The Sand)