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he made 180,020,092,002 till 2012

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Q: How much money did robbert croak make for silly bands?
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How much money did rob croak earn for silly bands?


How much money has Robert croak made from silly bands?

15 million

Who is the maker of silly bands?

Robert Croak

Who was the creator of Silly Bands?

Robert Croak

Who is the inventor of silly bands?

Robert Croak

Who first invented silly bands?

Robert Croak.

How does Croak make the silly bands?

Okay i think they made the silly bands with different kinds of colorfull rubberband's and other types of rubber things that compares to silly bands

What is the name of the person who made silly bands?

Actually it is Robert Croak.

Why did Robert croak invent silly bands?

He Was Bored &* Decided To Make Them When He Saw Them At A Japanese Convention .

How old was rob croak when he invented silly bands?

he was about 108 when he invented these incredible wonders lmfao hahahahaa

Who made silly band?

Actually, many people say that a young girl invented it, which is a rumor. If you go to the Silly Bands website it shows that they were made by a man named Robert Croak. The answer above is probably correct , but I heard a story of a factory that makes regular rubber bands, and all of the misshaped rubber bands were thrown out, and someone noticed it was in the shape of a heart, so they started making shaped bands or commonly known as Silly Bandz.

What is the girls name who invented the silly bands and where is she from?

It was not a girl, it was a grown man named Robert Croak. He is now a famous billions