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Limited Opening Weekend: $1,554,475 (#1 rank, 43 theaters, $36,150 average)

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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope had made $775,398,007 in the box office in 2012 dollars.

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$11,000,000 was the budget.

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Q: How much money did Star Wars IV A New Hope make?
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a new hope

What was the objective of each Star Wars?

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If you mean the first Star Wars film, it took $11 million dollars to make the film.

How much money did the Star Wars movie make?

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How much money total did the Star Wars movies make?


How maney Star Wars episode have they got?

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How much did money Star Wars IV make in the first year?

215 million in the US

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As of 2010, he has a $4.3 billion franchise.

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