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Q: How much mega bytes are one gaga byte?
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How much is 2TB?

2 TB is Two Tara Bytes. A Tara Byte is 1000 gigabytes. Two TaraBytes equals approximately 2048 gigabytes. That is the maximum that can be put on a partition, I believe.

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Goku?

Sadly Lady Gaga is more famous than Goku by far

Who is more famous One Direction or Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga. Not only because i don't like One Direction, but Lady Gaga is famous for a long time already, and people listen to it much more

List all songs with the word phone in them?

-telephone by Lady gaga -you belong with me by Taylor swift much more but i don't know the artist!

What is House of Gaga?

The Haus of Gaga is the name used by Lady Gaga to describe her behind-the-scenes creative team. The name is inspired by the German "Bauhaus" which she told in an interview in Germany and a play on the word "House" used by famous fashion brands. This should not be confused with House of Gaga Publishing, the publishing company for her music, which is managed by her father, Joe Germanotta.Haus of Gaga are responsible for much of her distinctive style. The Haus creates a lot of the clothing, props, stage sets, and makeup for Gaga's live performances and other visual representations of her work, as well as individual pieces that artistically represent the style and themes emphasized by Gaga. These creations are brought together in combination with other creations and sound to create a complete collection for music videos and other appearances. Some of the Haus's more famous pieces include the "Disco Stick" (a long chrome pole with a crushed acrylic dome that emits light) and the "iPod LCD Glasses" (a pair of glasses with two iPod Classic screens instead of lenses).

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How much is Kb and MB?

KB - Kilo Byte MB - Mega Byte GB - Giga Byte TB - Tera Byte while you may think kilo is 1000 and mega is 1 million... giga is 1 billion... and so on; it actually is not. a Kilo byte is actually 2^10 Byte which is 1024 Bytes. Kilo Byte = 2^10 Bytes = 1024 Bytes Mega Byte = 2^20 Bytes = 1048576 Bytes Giga Bytes = 2^ 30 Bytes = 1073741824 Bytes and so on... close enough right?

How much space is 48 mega bytes?

KB = Kilo(1000)byte A KB of data can hold 2^10 =1024 Bytes of Information

How much is 3 mega byts of data?

A megabit is 1 million bytes. A letter is usually 1 byte

How much mega in 1 gaga byte?

1000 by manufactures. 1024 as seen by computers

How much bit makes up a mega byte?

1,048,576 bytes in a megabyte. 8 bits in each byte Thus 8,388,608 bits in a megabyte (MB)

What is the capacity of the biggest hard drive available today?

Currently, commercial computers (sold at hardware stores to normal customers) mostly contain hard disk that have a capacity around 500 gb, for desktops, and 120gb for notebooks. The 500gb could sometimes even be 1TB for desktops IMPROVED: As of this response (7/21/2010) the largest HDDs in production are 1.5 TB for 3.5" and 4.5 TB for external/array packages. However technology is in prototype with up to 4.5 TB 3.5" available relatively soon (within a couple years). The largest memory modules in commercial production are 16 GB DDR2 sticks, though only 4GB sticks are common for end-users. The largest SSDs available are currently around the 500 GB mark, and rediculously expensive. The largest EEPROMs are 64 MB single-chip The largest SRAM caches are 8 MB single-chip The highest commercial density storage is Blu-Ray with 25 GB per layer (50 GB dual-layer), but with HVDs and PSDs on the way. The largest tape drive is an astounding 12 TB 14.5" tape from IBM The largest Flash single-chip module is 512 MB (of course much bigger can be made combining chips, as almost all flash devices do) Largest SD card is 64 GB Largest single-CPU cache combination structure is 12,928 KB Largest CPU register bank is 4096 bits Largest HDD buffer is 32 MB Largest sequential tape memory is 1 GB Largest video card is 8 GB And that's all I know for the moment. (Whew, that took some research!)

Data capacity measurements in disk drive?

Bytes Kilo Bytes Mega Bytes Giga Bytes Tera Bytes a byte is really smal, a kilo byte is a thousand bytes a mega byte is a thousand kilo bytes a giga byte is a thousand mega bytes a tera byte is a thousand giga bytes Bytes = b Kilo Bytes = Kb Mega Bytes = Mb giga bytes = Gb tera bytes = Tb a text document might be like 10kb a music file might be 4mb a video might be like 30mb a typical hard drive is like 250gb for a laptop and 500gb for a desktop Tera Bytes are only used in super computers or servers although they are appearing in desktops some of the larger hard drives are 1.5Tb or 1500 gb some older laptop have hard drives ranging from 20gb to 80gb a typical USB Flash drive is 2gb a new ipod ranges from 8gb to 120gb older ones come in sizes as small as 512Mb aka 0.5gb Ram of a computer can range from as little as 32mb in an older computer and as much as 8gb in some desktop computers in the price range of $800+ hope i helped, if you need a better explaination (god knows why) then email me @ You are welcome, David K

2298980 Kilo Byte how much Mega Byte?

About 2245.09765625 mb

How much is a mega byte is gigs?


How much is 525mb in KB?

525 mb = 525*1024 KB = 537600 KB It may be noted that 1 bit is 0 or 1 8 bits = 1 byte 1024 Bytes = 1 KB 1024 KB (Kilo byte) = 1 MB(Mega Byte) 1024 MB (Mega Byte) = 1 GB 1024 GB = 1 TB(Tera Byte) Answered by Jaspreet Singh

How much kilo bytes is equal to 1mega byte?


1000 kilo byte equals how many mega byte?

kilo = 1,000 mega = 1,000,000. So a thousand kilobytes is a megabyte; 10,000 or ten thousand then, is the answer. In computer terms though, as it's all binary, usually 210 is used for a kilobyte. So it's not exactly 1,000 bytes, but, rather, 1,024 bytes. So the exact answer may depend on how exacting the questioner is!