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Q: How much is it for the real thriller jacket?
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Where is the thriller jacket?

The thriller jacket is in Hard Rock Cafe - Bucharest.

Is the thriller jacket the same as the beat it jacket?


When was Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket created?

Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket was created in 1983.

How many zippers did MJ have on his thriller jacket?

There were 11 zippers on the jacket

What was Michael Jackson's favorite jacket?


Where can you find a thriller jacket?

The Thriller jackets are very hard to find because almost everybody wants one. But if I were you I'd check on E-bay. You can find pretty much anything there.

Who was the designer of Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket?

Ryan Hallinan

Where can one purchase a MJ's thriller jacket?

There are a number of websites that sell MJ's thriller jacket. You can try visiting such sites as Party City, Michael Jackson Celebrity Clothing and Amazon for examples.

What was Michael Jackson's outfit in Thriller Made of?


Where is Michaels Jackson's thriller jacket?

in The Michael Jackson Exhibition in LA

What video did Michael Jackson wear a red and black jacket?

The Thriller video.

Where can you get a Thriller jacket?

This is a tough one, but im pretty sure you can buy it on