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The 1st edition was the original therefore, it is worth much more than you though. The first edition of nightmare before Christmas rockets through the roof costing a shocking 100,000$.

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Q: How much is first edition of nightmare before christmas worth?
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What reindeer was first called in the nightmare before Christmas?

rein gear

In the nightmare before Christmas who is the first holiday captured?

I think the first holiday captured is Santa, so that would be Christmas (:

Who has the rights to nightmare before Christmas?

At first, Touchstone Pictures had it. But, Disney bought it from them. So now if you go to any Disney store you will see a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise!

Who wrote the first edition of A Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens

How does a category get to be a Hot Topic?

It has to become a big famous production or a famous band (Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Flyleaf, Lady GaGa, etc.) first.

Christmas crackers was the name of the first Christmas edition of which popular comedy series?

Only Fools and Horses

What is the name of the key blade chain that Sora gets when he goes the nightmare before Christmas world?

In the first Kingdom Hearts it's called PumpkinHead. In Kingdom Hearts II it's called The Desicive Pumpkin.

Why is nightmare before Christmas so awesome?

First, Tim Burton was a genius making the movie. Also, the story was very original, how the halloween town people try to copy christmas. Another plus is the music, all of their songs are very well made, and well sung.

When did the Germans intraduse Christmas to America?

Before the first American Christmas

Will there be a Nightmare Before Christmas 2?

No, there probably won't be another Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton rightfully wants the movie to be a classic and an original. He, like any good writer, thinks if Jack goes to another town, and follows a similar pattern to NBC it would be repetitive and stupid. Also stop motion animation is a dying art these days, and it would be hard to get funding for an unoriginal idea that would take years to complete. Nightmare Before Christmas will remain the way it is, a cult classic so good and so well known that it doesn't need a cash cow sequel to ruin it's reputation.

The nighmare before Christmas who was kidnaped first?


Did Johnny Depp have any acting experience before Nightmare On elm street?

No, it was his first credited role.