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1809 1884

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Q: How much is a 1831 1931 Cyrus hall mccormick centennial coin worth?
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How much is a 1831-1931 Cyrus hall mccormick centennial coin worth?

How much is a 1831-1931 cyrus hall mccormick centennial coin worth?

What year did Cyrus mcCormick invent the reaper?


Who invinted the reaping machine?

The Mechanical Reaper was pulled by horses through the crops to cut them down with ease, it cut down the number of people on plantations as well as revolutionizing the ways of agriculture. -----Written By a 15 Year Old May Not Be 100% Reliable But Its Better Than, "i dont know..... you tell me"----

What did Cyrus McCormick and Joe Anderson invent?

He is often credited with being the inventor of the mechanical reaper or harvester.

Why was Cyrus important?

Cyrus McCormick was very important to American history, He invented a machine called the harvesting (mechanical) reaper in 1831. It made harvesting wheat easier and faster, making wheat industry soar.

When did McCormick invent the reaper?

totally 1831! :)

When was John W. McCormick born?

John W. McCormick was born on 1831-12-20.

When was McCormick reaper invented?

As far as I know, the reaper was demonstrated in tests in 1831 and was patented by McCormick in 1834.

He developed a mechanical reaper in 1831?

Because it made work so much easier for the common reaper easier, making less work on the fields so it wouldn't take all day to rape yourcrops

Who invented the reaper?

The first successful mechanical reaping machine, the reaper, was made by the American inventor Cyrus McCormick and Jo Anderson in 1831.

When was Cyrus F. Knight born?

Cyrus F. Knight was born in 1831.

Which Virginian invented the reaper?

Cyrus McCormick, born Feb. 15, 1809 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, invented the mechanical reaper in 1831. The reaper was used for harvesting grain and enabled farmers to cut their wheat much more quickly and efficiently. McCormick died on May 13, 1884 in Chicago.