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A Lot of Money ,it very expensive.

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Q: How much is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 16mm film worth?
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What would the beatles novelty Christmas album be worth?

Through their fan club, the Beatles recorded Christmas messages every year from 1963 until they disbanded. Each one was about 6 to 7 minutes in length. Bootleggers have created compilations of the messages and sold them. The quality is generally poor because the messages were released by the fan club on "flexidisks", not vinyl. The Beatles did NOT release a novelty Christmas album. You can hear these messages on YouTube.

What size guards does eminem use on his hair?

No. 7 - 7/8" (22mm) on top No. 5 - 5/8" (16mm) midway on the head No. 3 - 3/8" (10mm) at the bottom

What did they use befor the cassette tapes?

They had hard records (78s). Then, vinyl 33 & 1/3 records and 45s. Then, Reel-to-Reel tapes (large size at first, about the size of a dinner plate). Reel-to-reel took 2 reels... 1 playing and 1 to accept the played tape. When finished, you reversed to rewind the 1st tape. The only thing bigger was movie reels used in classrooms. Movie reels used in theaters and drive thru theaters were even bigger than classroom projector movie reels.

What was the lowest grossing movie ever?

I know that David Lynch's first film "Eraserhead" cost 20,000 to make. It looks like it cost much more, and was shot over a period of five years, finally being released in 1977 and has since been a success in cult cinema.- Matt M.THE WINTER BUTTERFLY - Is so far the lowest budget film ever produced. It was written,directed and produced by Marcus Tozini and it was 90% shot using 16mm short ends.It cost U$ 75,000 and it has 135 minutes duration. A full feature Japanese epic.Marcus Tozini started producing the film in 2004 and it will be released in the Spring of 2010.Original scoring by Academy Winning composer Stephen Warbeck.

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What is the value of the 16mm film A Clockwork Orange?

Its worth somewhere between $100-$300 depending on the condition!!

What is the circumference of the spinal cord?

16mm? 16mm?

How many cms is in 16mm?

16mm = 1,6 cm.

How many films did Andy Warhol make?

Yes,Sleep (1963) 16mm, 16fps, 6 hours, silentAndy Warhol Films Jack Smith Filming Normal Love(1963) 16mm, 16fps, 3mins, colour, silentTarzan and Jane Regained … Sort of (1963) 16mm, 16fps, 2 hoursHaircut (No. 1) (1963) 16mm, 16fps, 33mins, silentKiss (1963) 16mm, 16fps, 50mins, silentDance Movie (1963) 16mm, 16fps, 45mins, silent, also known as Roller SkateSalome and Delilah (1963) 16mm, 16fps, 30mins, silentBatman (1964) 16mm, 16fps, no running time available, silentDracula (1964) 16mm, 16fps, no running time available, silentEat (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 45mins, silentBlow Job (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 30mins, silentEmpire (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 8 hours, silentHenry Geldzahler (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 100mins, silentCouch (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 40mins, silentShoulder (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 4mins, silentMario Banana (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 4mins, silent, also known as Mario Eats a BananaHarlot (1964) 16mm, 70minsThe Thirteen Most Beautiful Women (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 40mins, silentSoap Opera (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 70mins, silent, also known as The Lester Persky StoryTaylor Mead's Ass (1964) 16mm, 16fps, 70mins, silentThe Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys (1965) 16mm, 16fps, 40mins, silentFifty Fantastics and Fifty Personalities (1965) 16mm, 16fps, no running time available, silentIvy and John (1965) 16mm, 35minsSuicide (1965) 16mm, 70mins, colourScreen Test #1 (1965) 16mm, 70minsScreen Test #2 (1965) 16mm, 70minsThe Life of Juanita Castro (1965) 16mm, 70minsDrunk (1965) 16mm, 70minsHorse (1965) 16mm, 105minsPoor Little Rich Girl (1965) 16mm, 70minsVinyl (1965) 16mm, 70minsBitch (1965) 16mm, 70minsRestaurant (1965) 16mm, 70minsKitchen (1965) 16mm, 70minsPrison (1965) 16mm, 70minsFace (1965) 16mm, 70minsAfternoon (1965) 16mm, 105minsBeauty #2 (1965) 16mm, 70minsSpace (1965) 16mm, 70minsOuter and Inner Space (1965) 16mm, 70minsMy Hustler (1965) 16mm, 70minsCamp (1965) 16mm, 70minsPaul Swan (1965) 16mm, 70minsMore Milk Yvette (1965) 16mm, 70mins, also known as Lana TurnerLupe (1965) 16mm, 70minsHedy (1966) 16mm, 70mins, also known as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, or The Shoplifter, or The Fourteen Year Old GirlThe Velvet Underground and Nico (1966) 16mm, 70minsBufferin (1966) 16mm, 35mins, also known as Gerard Malanga Reads PoetryEating Too Fast (1966) 16mm, 70mins, also known as B*** j** #2The Chelsea Girls (1966) 16mm, 195mins, two-screen, colour and b/w**** (1966-67) 16mm, 25 hours, colour, also known as Four StarsThe Loves of Ondine (1967-68) 16mm, 86mins, colourI, a Man (1967-68) 16mm, 100minsBike Boy (1967-68) 16mm, 96mins, colourThe Nude Restaurant (1967-68) 16mm, 96mins, colourTub Girls (1967-68) 16mm, no running time available, colourLonesome Cowboys (1967-68) 16mm, 110mins, colourFlesh (1968-69) 105mins, colourBlue Movie (1968-69) 16mm, 90mins, colour, also known as F***Trash (1969-1970) 103mins, colourWomen in Revolt (1970-72) 98mins, colourL'Amour (1971-1972) 90mins, colourHeat (1971-72) 115mins, colourAndy Warhol's Dracula (1973-74) 93mins, colourAndy Warhol's Frankenstein (1973-74) 93mins, colourBad (1976) 109mins, colour

Tolerance chart 16 H9?

According to ISO R286 The tolerance for a 16mm H9 hole is: 16mm +0.000mm 16mm +0.043mm

What is the radius for 16mm?

If the diameter is 16mm, then the radius is diameter/2 = 8mm.

What are the release dates for 16mm - 2009?

16mm - 2009 was released on: USA: 27 January 2009

What actors and actresses appeared in 16mm - 2009?

The cast of 16mm - 2009 includes: Joey John

How do you calculate unit weight of 16mm dia tor steel?

16mm dia weight for running feet

What is the sway bar diameter for a 2000 Mazda 626 ES V6?

Hi, It is 16mm Hi, It is 16mm

What is the density of 16mm plywood per meter square?

what the density of 16mm plywood per square meter

Where can one find more information about 16mm projectors?

One may go to youtube to find informational videos about 16mm projectors. 16mm projectors are also available for purchase on such sites as Ebay and Etsy.