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105 g coins you can also look it up on the website they tell you there

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Q: How much g coins do they give you if you buy a 10 ijji game card?
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Where can you buy one power-up game cards?

I bought 3 of them...i give you codes for ijji 300 g coins. my email is

Do ijji games give you viruses?

No. Ijji games are completely legit.

Does ijji have any stratagy games?

Atlantica is a strategy game published by IJJI.

Free ijji g coins?

Yes they offer G-Coins if you do surveys. Log into your account and click add G-Coins there will be a button that says take surveys click it. Some of them will not give you any G-Coins but most will.

How do you get free ijji g coins?

Its really easy, go to Finish a simple survey and g coins codes are updated daily!

Is AVA from IjjI a player vs player game?


When was Ijji created?

Ijji was created in 2006.

Does ijji give you virus?

ijji's games do not contain viruses, if you download from the official website ( You may get viruses or password-stealing type programs if you download from other websites.

What is ijji optimizer?

A program which uploads games to other users activated by running a game yourself.

How do you download drift city?

go to sign up a ijji account then click play game

Why is ijji poker removed?

Because IJJI decided they wanted to lose several thousand members

Why isn't your GunZ-Online downloaded off of a website called ijji not working?

It might be due to your computer, or from getting from ijji.