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The price that Romeo makes per concert will be different each convert. Artists make a percentage of ticket sales.

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Q: How much does romeo makes per concert?
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How much does anthony romeo santos makes?

The amount of money Anthony Romeo Santos makes per performance varies. His estimated net worth is $15.5 million.

How much does a concert bouncer make?

A concert bouncer makes roughly 14 dollars per hour. This can be a lot higher depending on what type of facility the concert is at and who is playing.

How much does il divo earn per concert?

$100,000 per concert

How much money does meek mill make per concert?

meek mill makes around 55,000 a concert but due to expenses and security and money for his flight so about 24,000

How much does Elton John make per concert?

Depends on the concert.

How much money does Toby Mac make per concert?

tobyMac probably makes millions a year

How much did drake make every show acting?

drakes net worth increases by 1.7% each concert so that earns he makes between 1.4 and 3 million dollars per concert

How much money is an Andy sixx concert?

Andy sixx gets $250,000 per concert.

What musician makes the most money per concert?

Well, Rabecca Black Of course.

How much money is it to get Justin Bieber for a concert?

It is reported that Justin Bieber earns $300,000 per concert.

How much did a Selena concert ticket for cost?

her concert tickets were 40 per person

How much per a ticket for Taylor Swift concert?

About $40.