How much does mayo cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As with all commodities prices fluctuate. For the current price, any decent supermarket will run and check for you , should you telephone. I would guess between 2.85- 3.92$ USD for the standard medium size.

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Q: How much does mayo cost?
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How much does a mayo chicken cost?

It cost 99p as its on the saver menu

Should you eat mayo on your diet?

unless it's light mayo it doesn't give you much fat as mayo let me type it one more time okay LIGHT mayo!

How much fat in mayo?

Mayo contains mostly oil and oil is always 100% fat.

How much does O.J. Mayo weigh?

NBA player O.J. Mayo weighs 210 pounds.

How much oil to replace one half cup mayo?

You can use the same amount of oil as mayo.

How much does NFL player Jerod Mayo weigh?

NFL player Jerod Mayo weighs 250 pounds.

How much money does O.J. Mayo make?

NBA player O.J. Mayo made $8000000 in the 2013-2014 season.

How do you happy Cinco de Mayo in spanish?

The translation would be "Felíz Cinco de Mayo." Note that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated much more in the US than in Mexico!

How much would seasoning for a salad cost?

it really depends what shop you go to, what seasoning you want and what country your in. For example: in Australia mayo would cost around 2-3 $, thousand island would cost about the same. If your looking for good quality ones you will be looking at 4-5$.

How many calories are in a sandwich without mayo?

TOO Much

How much mayo equals 1 egg?

3 tablespoons

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