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$3 to $30

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Q: How much does it cost to make a landmine?
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How much does it cost to put down a land mine?

it cost $3 to $30 to buy a landmine

How much money is a landmine?

1 millon

What is the German word for landmine?

The German word for landmine is Landmine.

When was Landmine - Transformers - created?

Landmine - Transformers - was created in 1988.

When was Landmine Marathon created?

Landmine Marathon was created in 2004.

What makes a landmine explode?

When you put pressure on the landmine, the firing pin arms itself. When you step off, the landmine explodes.

When was Zero Landmine created?

Zero Landmine was created in 2001-04.

When was Diamond on a Landmine created?

Diamond on a Landmine was created on 2010-06-21.

When was Uganda Landmine Survivors Association created?

Uganda Landmine Survivors Association was created in 2005.

What rhymes with carbine?


What is a Landmine?

A Landmine is something that is usually used in wars, to kill the people. They are hidden in dirt so nobody can see them. When someone walks on one, then lifts their foot, the landmine explodes and it can maim, dismember or kill them.

What actors and actresses appeared in Miss Landmine - 2010?

The cast of Miss Landmine - 2010 includes: Morten Traavik as himself