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Finale doesn't offer a subscription service for their software. The software can be bought for prices ranging from $49 for Finale Songwriter 2012 to $249 for the academic version of the software.

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Q: How much does it cost a monthly subscription to Finale Music software?
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What programs do musician use to make music?

Finale and Sibelius both provide great software for music composition.

Does Google Play Music have an iOS app?

Yes, you can download Google Play Music for the iOS platform, but the monthly subscription price is $9.99.

Can you use grace note in Finale Notepad?

Finale Notepad is a freeware viewer for music files which are created by the music composing software 'Finale'. There you cannot do any edits to a file, so you cannot use grace notes while in the viewer. If you would need to add elements to a existing .mus file (Finale Music Notation file), you should have the software, not the viewer.

What are some examples of music writing software?

There are many different music writing software products on the market. "Finale PrintMusic", "Sibelius First", and "MagicScore Maestro" are just a few of these products.

What music software program will allow you to download a midi file and it will make sheet music from it?

Finale Notepad is a free program that will allow you to do this. see

Can you keep rhapsody music?

No - once you stop paying the monthly subscription, the tracks expire.Or you can remove the Rhapsody player downloads. See relative link.

What do you call the concluding movement in music?


Where can I make music sheets?

If you are referring to creating sheet music there are two most popular software programs for that purpose: Finale an Sibelius. If you are talking about drafting some music scores, check the link below.

What is a finale?

The finale is the end of something, especially a show or a piece of music.

How do you get a rest in finale?

I'm assuming you are talking about the Finale music writing software... I have Finale 2009, and all you do is click on the note value (for instance, if you want a quarter rest, you click on the quarter note) & then that note will be highlighted. Then, all you do is press "R" on the keyboard (or right-click and choose "rest")

What is the name of a multi-instrumented music maker?

You might call them a one-man band. Classically-speaking, it is a multi-instrumentalist, although that's a bit of a mouthful! Finale Music Composing & Notation Software

What does synchronize to continue your music subscription mean?

When you receive a message that says synchronize to continue your music subscription, it means that your subscription to the service is about to run out. You will need to?æsynchronize your music in order to keep your account.?æ