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In 'The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie', a krabby patty cost about $1.99.

It's keeps changing, but most of the time it's three dollars, but yeah i'd say $1.99 is about right. Not much considering Krabs is a cheapskate...

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99cents on Wednesday, and 2.99 every other day.

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Actually it costs 99 cents on Wednesday

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Q: How much does a krabby patty cost?
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Is a krabby patty a whopper in real life?

No because the Krabby Patty is not made from beef, its from "seafood products", but then again the Whopper probably doesnt contain any beef either.

What does SpongeBob make at his job?

Krabby Pattys french fries you know like things we eat but different names.

In the episode where plankton tries to steal the krabby patty secret formula what is the name of his fourth cousin?

His 4th cousin is joe.

What is the krabby patty secret ingredient?

It is not disclosed to what the Krabby Patty's secret ingredient is. Out of all Spongebob episodes ever aired or released to the public, not a single one has defined the secret ingredient. However, we do know it is a red sauce in a glass, cork-closed bottle with a white sticker labeled with a red 'X'.

What is the secret ingrediant in a crabby patty?

In the episode "Training Video," the first time it aired the ending was not cut out, which the secret ingredient was revealed to be ketchup. But since then, through the episodes, the formula has changed(warning: just in case plankton views this, the ingredients are not in order)here is how to make the patty:flour+barnacle shavings+salt+tumeric=pattyand the burger:bottom bun+patty+ketchup+tartar sauce+chum (weird, chum)+pickles+mayonnaise+cheese+love+lettuce+mustard+tomato+onions+top bun=krabby pattyoptional ingredients:food coloringjellyfish jellyand thats the secret formula.The Original Secret Formula of the Original Krabby PattySesame SeedsBottom bunChum (Food)KetchupMustardMayonnaiseRelishCheesePickles (Food)LettuceTomatoesOnionsSaltTartar SauceSecret sauceTop bunSesame seedsJelly PattyThere is one version with Jellyfish Jelly: Bottom BunPattyJellyfish JellyKetchupMustardMayonnaiseCheesePicklesLettuceOnionsTomatoTop BunPretty PattiesThese are just like normal Krabby Patties, but with food coloring. Food ColoringBottom BunPattyKetchupMustardMayonnaiseCheesePicklesLettuceTomatoOnionsTop BunThe Kuddly Krab PattyThe Kuddly Krab Patty wasn't even a Krabby Patty, It was a Salad. It's ingredients were: LettuceTomatoChum PattyThe Chum Patty is simple. It has the following: Bottom BunChumTop BunSynthetic Krabby PattyThe Synthetic Krabby Patty uses none of the original ingredients of the Krabby Patty, and uses only ingredients that can cause food poisoning. It was only sold at the Krabby O' Mondays. Its ingredients were: Grey-ish substance (possibly clam manure)Spray-paintFacebook RecipeThis recipe is seen on the SpongeBob SquarePants Facebook page. Click here to see it. Fluffy Top Seaweed Sea BunSea PicklesMartime Mustard"Krusty" KetchupSea TomatoSea OnionUndersea CheeseSea LettuceKrabby PattyBottom Seaweed Sea BunThe Jerk PattyThis patty was ordered in the Season 1 episode, Pickles. Top BunPattyLettuceCheeseOnionTomatoKetchupMustardPickleBottom BunThe Krabby Patty formula is the sole property of the Krusty Krab and is only to be discussed in part or in whole with its creator Mr. Krabs. Duplication of this formula is punishable by law. Restrictions apply, results may vary. -Spongebob SquarepantsAlso it has never been revaled in the series.Could be love.Could be the sauce.a krabby patty is the same thing as a hamburger. the secret ingredient is LOVEIt's grease! When Mr. Krabs dumped grease in plankton's yard, it made his chumsticks taste good.It's never been revealed. My best guess is that Stephen Hillenburg wants to continue on keeping us guessing.white buns. two tomatoes. onions. pickles.ketchup.mustard.hambergur.italian sauceThe secret Krabby Pattie formula is:Bottom BunPattySea Horseradish sauceKetchupMustardMayoArby's sauceCheesePicklesLettuceTomatoOnionsTop BunAnd, A Secret Ingredientsea horse relishbelive it or not, kelp.lots of yummy scrummy ingredients and a whole lot of love xno one knows.....

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What does spongebob call a krabby patty with extra onions?

A krabby Patty with extra Onions.

What new food did SpongeBob made?

On SpongeBob it's called a Krabby Patty. In real life it's just called a hamburger.

What is the price of a krabby pattie?

In 'The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie', a krabby patty cost about $1.99. It's keeps changing, but most of the time it's three dollars.

Does spongebob love krappy patty?

Its KRABBY Patty and yes.

How much secret sauce is in a krabby patty?

the reason it is secret sauce is because its secret

What product has a secret formula?

krabby patty

On the sponebob training video who orders a krabby patty?

Patrick star orders the krabby patty. he takes a very long time, which annoys squidward.

When was SpongeBob's first Krabby Patty?

SpongeBob's first Krabby Patty was the one he ate in his mom's belly, which was told in the SpongeBob Truth or Square Movie.

What is sponge bobs best food?

The Krabby Patty.

SpongeBob SquarePants secret recipe?

A krabby patty

What is spongebobs favorite food?

Krabby Patties of course! SpongeBob LOVES them! LOL

What are the ratings and certificates for SpongeBob SquarePants Operation Krabby Patty - 2001 VG?

SpongeBob SquarePants Operation Krabby Patty - 2001 VG is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:ADV