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Q: How much does WiL Francis weigh?
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What is Wil Francis's birthday?

Wil Francis was born on January 8, 1982.

How much does Wil Nieves weigh?

MLB player Wil Nieves weighs 190 pounds.

How old is Wil Francis?

Wil Francis is 35 years old (birthdate: January 8, 1982).

How much do saint francis butterflies weigh?

they weigh about 3 ounces

How much did Francis drake weigh?


How much does Jeff Francis weigh?

MLB player Jeff Francis weighs 220 pounds.

How much does Francis Bouillon weigh?

NHL player Francis Bouillon weighs 197 pounds.

What is wiL Francis middle name?

His full name is William Roy Francis

How much does Wil Myers weigh?

MLB player Wil Myers made $504200 in the 2014 season.

What color are wil francis' eyes?


Where does wiL Francis live?

Seattle, Washington.

Is WiL Francis Jewish?

Wil has, basically, no participation in religion. He got the star of David for his mom.