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85 cents

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Q: How much does Sam pay to buy his bar back on Cheers?
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Is Cheers a real bar?

There is a bar named Cheers in Boston, but that's not where they filmed the show. The exterior shots are authentic and you do walk down from the sidewalk to enter. In another part of Boston (the Market), they have a bar called Cheers where the bar is a replica of the bar in the show. But it's above ground with plastic sheeting for walls.

What was the name of the bar in cheers tv series?

It was conveniently called "Cheers" as well.

What cheers actor was in the empire strikes back?

John Ratzenberger appeared as Major Derlin. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980, two years before "Cheers" began. Ratzenberger went on to be well known as bar-patron and little-known-fact bearer Cliff Clavin, appearing in 268 of the 270 episodes of the sitcom.

Where was cheers set?

Interestingly, while most TV viewers believed the show was about a real bar in Boston called "Cheers," there was no such bar. In fact, the show was mainly filmed in Hollywood, although the producers used a few exterior shots of Boston now and then. The inspiration for the bar was the Bull and Finch, a pub near Beacon Hill and Boston's State House. Because of the show's popularity, the pub was later renamed "Cheers," a name it still has today.

Why is Cheers not in reruns?

Although there is no official episode, that goes by the name of Bar Wars IV, they did however make the episode. In Cheers Season 9, Episode 2, "Cheers Fouls Out", the Cheers gang plays Gary's in a game of basketball. Check here for a summary of the episode: ---- Hope that helped you, Mike.