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I dont know how much a year, but 70,00 an episode.

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Q: How much do john and Kate Plus 8 make a year?
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How much do the kids weigh on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Kate Gosselin never mentioned how much any of her kids weighed on Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show was cancelled September 12, 2011.

How much are the Duggers paid for their tv show?

Probably the same that Jon and Kate plus 8 are paid for which is 50,000 to 75,000 per show. As for Jon and Kate they make 50,000 to 75,000. I don't know if it is the same though.

Will Jon still paid for appearing on 'Kate Plus 8'?

yes, but not NEARLY as much.

How much apart are the twins in the show Jon and Kate Plus 8?

they aren't very apart accept for the fact that they both like 2 different things Cara likes outdoor sports like John and Mady like more indoor thinks like Kate

Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin fight so much?

BOTH John and Kate are Aries, The Ram. It's the most confrontational and hot-headed birth sign in the zodiac.

How much does Kate Hudson make a year?

Kate Hudson has a net worth of $38 million dollars.

Is there an episode of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' were they go to Sam's Club?

Yes, it is in the first season on the show. Jon & Kate go to Sam's Club to show how much they have to buy at one time for the family.

How much money does 'Kate Plus 8' make?

The Gosselin children are not paid directly for being filmed for "Kate Plus 8.' Their mother, Kate Gosselin, is paid 250K per episode [according to TV Guide]. In multiple interviews Kate has claimed that there is savings for the children - but there is no additional information beyond her claims. The actual financial accounting is private information, and is unlikely to be revealed unless there is additional divorce settlements that are made public. Although it may look like fun, the children do participate in the production of the show.. waiting whil the crew sets-up scenes, filming transitions, and repeating "cute moments" that were not caught to the crews satisfaction the first time for us. While it is great fun for viewers, there is limited information on the toll this takes on the children's lives. Only time will tell if this is a boon or a bust for the Gosselin tribe.

What happened to Kate Gosselins Parents?

Not much is known about Kate Gosselin's parents other than they are alive and Kate does not have much of a relationship with them. Kate also has siblings.

Why is Kate Gosselin doing so much traveling?

Kate Gosselin travels extensively to meet the needs of her burgeoning career writing books, doing personal appearances and speaking engagements and promoting products for sponsors of her family reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'.

How much money do 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' make in an episode?

According to Jon Gosselin, they initially earned $2,000 per episode. The amount increased each season and he claims to have earned $22,500 per episode of 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' during the final season. It was not clear if that amount was just for Jon Gosselin or if it was for the whole family. Jon Gosselin had said that they make $100,000 per episode. With government, that's 50,000. 50,000 divided by 10=$5,000

How much john o'callaghan make?

Too much