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Swiffer refills for the Swiffer Duster sell in a box of 10 about $8. Swiffer Wet Jet refills come in a pack of 12 for about $7. Swiffer sweeper refills come in a 32 pack for about $8.

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Q: How much do Swiffer refills cost?
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Where can one find Swiffer Max refills?

There are many companies and websites that offer Swiffer Max refills. Some of these companies that offer refills are ZORO Tools, OfficeZilla and Walmart.

Where can I buy Swiffer refills with coupons?

Swiffer Refills can be purchased with coupons at most Wal-Mart or Target locations. Visiting the Swiffer webpage can provide you with useful coupons!

Is the Swiffer wet jet coupons good on the refills?

The exact product that can be used with the coupon depends on the wording on the coupon. Many Swiffer Wet Jet coupons specify if they are for the refills or the starter kit. However, if the coupon says "Any Swiffer Wet Jet product" then it is able to be used on the refills.

Are there any Swiffer coupons online currently?

Swiffer has a coupon book that usually has a coupon for Swiffer refills that you can find at their website. You can also call Swiffer and request coupons for the product you want and they will send you coupons.

Swiffer Coupon?

form_title= Swiffer Coupon form_header= Save money with Swiffer coupons. Do you need coupons for the refills?*= () Yes () No Do you want printable coupons?*= () Yes () No What type of Swiffer do you own?*= _ [50]

How much do refills at sunrise cost in north branch mi?

frozen: $1.26 fountain: $0.73

What products does the Minwax company provide?

Minwax has a wide selection of products that they provide for finishing wood surfaces. They sell polishes, wood cleaners, to wet Swiffer mop pad refills.

How much money can be saved by using Swiffer coupon?

Coupon sites offer Swiffer coupons for up to five dollars on particular Swiffer products such as the Swiffer Wet jet. Coupons for $2.00 are avaialble for the basic duster from coupon sites.

Are Swifter Wet Jet coupons available for refills?

Swiffer offers coupons for both the Swifter Wet Jet starter kit and the refill pads. These coupons are often offered at different times.

How many different types of Swiffer Sweepers are out on the market?

There are 6 out on the market. They include the Swiffer WetJet, Swiffer Sweeper, Swiffer Sweeper-VAC, Swiffer, Sweeper Heavy Duty, Swiffer Dusters, and the Swiffer Dust-N-Shine.

What are Swiffer coupons used for?

Swiffer is a brand of dusting and cleaning products. Swiffer coupons would be coupons that are good towards the purchase of any of a variety of Swiffer products such as the Swiffer duster.

When was Swiffer created?

Swiffer was created in 1999.