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I don't think that information has been published.

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The TARDIS cost £4,328 to build

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Q: How much did the TARDIS cost to build?
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What is the TARDIS base code?

Think of the TARDIS base code like a MAC address. It's the unique identifier that each TARDIS contains. Within the base code you will find access keys, ID tags for equipment, and much more. If you have a TARDIS base code, you have control of the systems within the TARDIS. If you were to write the base code out, it would probably take you years as well as billions and billions of pages to complete, even then you wouldn't be halfway there. These are Gallifreyans we're talking about here. Lol.

What does the 6 letters of Tardis stand for in Doctor Who?

TARDIS in the Doctor Who Series stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. The TARDIS was first seen in the first Doctor Who episode in 1963 with William Hartnell as the Doctor. Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter, claimed to have coined the acronym TARDIS from its name in that first episode.

How is the TARDIS bigger on the inside?

The TARDIS is bigger o the inside because it is a completely different dimension, almost as if when you step throw the TARDIS door you are stepping from one place to another. I think its called trans-indental dimensions, but don't trust my spelling on that (I got it off SJA).

What is the exact rgb colour for the TARDIS?


How fast does the TARDIS travel?

Such a question is meaningless. The Tardis can leave one place and arrive at another five minutes (or a million years) earlier. How fast is that? For the crew of the Tardis there is a delay between the time the Tardis dematerialized and the time when it rematerializes. This subjective experience of the Tardis travellers is not related to the distance or time external to the tardis and cannot be used to measure speed as we know it. If it takes five minutes to go two metres and also takes five minutes to go 200 billion miles is it going 24 metres an hour or 24 hundred billion miles an hour? Perhaps it is simplest to say that the Tardis does not travel through time and space as we understand it, and so cannot have speed as we understand it.