How much damage does kamehameha do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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for hiting satan the damage is uncountable

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Q: How much damage does kamehameha do?
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How much is a kamehameha silver coin worth?

About $40

What is Kamehameha Schools's motto?

The motto of Kamehameha Schools is 'I Mua Kamehameha'.

Which is stronger solar kamehameha or instant kamehameha?

well the solar kamehameha could destroy the whole solar system while the instant kamehameha is just a point blank kamehameha, so its obvious that solar kamehameha is stronger

What does Kamehameha's?

Kamehameha = "giant turtle wave"

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The person that does the KameHameHa is Goku form "DragonBallZ".

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mod your game

What is kamehameha day?

King Kamehameha day is a festival celebrated by Hawaiians to honor Kamehameha. People dance and have fun in celebration of Kamehameha's work. He united all the Hawaiian Islands.

When did Kamehameha I die?

Kamehameha I died on 1819-05-08.

When was Kamehameha Schools created?

Kamehameha Schools was created in 1887.

When was Kamehameha butterfly created?

Kamehameha butterfly was created in 1878.

When was Kamehameha II born?

Kamehameha II was born in 1797.