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Then every tribute would want the bow becuase they think that The Hunger Games the movie is real and that it could happen so annoying! Then every thing in the sequels might come true.

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It would be the same as what happened in the book. 23 die and 1 lives.

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I've thought about this myself a lot. It could theoretically happen. But it is very unlikely and the chances are scarce.

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Just would have had a different setting

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Q: How might the hunger games be different if it happened somewhere else?
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What happened 4 of The Hunger Games?

There are only 3 Hunger Games books.

what happened to The Hunger Games?

They die.

What happened to foxface in the Hunger Games?

She died in the Games by accidentally eating poisonous berries

What happened in chapter nine of 'The Hunger Games'?

See 'related links'.

What district does the Hunger Games happen in?

None of them really. It happened in the capitol.

Where would district 11 from the Hunger Games be in America?

The author says in Georgia or somewhere near there.

What is the basic situation for The Hunger Games?

Hunger Games is about different districts using kids to fight against each other.

What happened with the former tribute Titus?

He was eaten by mutts in a previous Hunger Games.

What happened in chapters 14-16 of The Hunger Games?

Katniss and peeta go to the Capitol to get ready for the games

What is the first hunger games film called?

The Hunger Games

What are the places in The Hunger Games book?

i know i never read this book but i would think in a attic or somewhere outside.

What are the different hungers that the Games satisfy?

The Games satisfy the Capitol residents' hunger for entertainment.