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i think it is 52 years

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Q: How many years is 1565 and 1611?
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What is Henry hudsons lifespan?

It is unknown because his date of birth and his date of death are not recorded.

What is Henry Hudson's birthday?

The month that Henry Hudson was born is not known. It is estimated that he was born circa 1565 in England and that he died in 1611.

How many liters are in 1565 milliliter?

there are 1.565 liters in 1565 ml

How many years is Kings James version bible?

King James version was published in 1611

How old was Henry Hudson when he he died?

The dates of Henry Hudson's birth and death are not certain, but it is believed he was between 40 and 50 years old in 1611, when he presumably died along with his son when they were set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers. It is possible that they were killed instead. The best estimate is 45 to 46 years old (born 1565).

How many days are in four years and fifteen weeks?

the answer is 1565 days a year has 365 days in it and a week has 7. 4 years have 1460 days because 365 * 4 = 1460 and 15 weeks have 105 days because 15 * 7 = 105. 1460 + 105 = 1565. if one of the years was a leap year then the answer will be 1564.

How many liters can you get from 1565 milliliters?

1.565 liters

How many times does the word 'joy' appear in bible?

The word 'joy' appears 114 times in the KJV (years 1611 and 1769) Bible.

How many times the word joy appears in the Bible?

The word 'joy' appears 114 times in the KJV (years 1611 and 1769) Bible.

Witch years did Henry Hudson explore?

1607 to 1611 when he was mutinied by his crew

How old is Gloucestershire?

IT was found in 1611. This means it is 400 years old.Gurjot Singh Sodhi

What happened in 1565?

In 1565 the Spanish built St.Augustine,in Florida.