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That entire depends on the series and specific volume or chapter. It's a bit like asking how many words are in a novel; it varies, often by a great amount. A dialogue-heavy series like Death Note is quite dense, text-wise, and is substantially more wordy than a series that tells the story more through action, for example Dragon Ball, and though I myself have not encountered any, there may well be series that tell the story exclusively through sequential art with no text at all.

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This answer is very true, but not really helpful, is there a website where i could type in a series name and specific chapter to get the exact word count or is everyone just guessing about how long their manga is?
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A lot of people I know do, but i don't know about else where in the world. I <3 ANime! ^(^x^)>

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Nobody watches manga, tons of people watch anime, and read manga.

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many people read manga in the world

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Q: How many words are in a manga?
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