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As far as I can tell, there's only one version of "Billy, I've Got To Go To Town".

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Q: How many version is there for the answer song to Ruby Dont Take What if your Love To Town?
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What are some song titles containing the word ruby?

Ruby by Ray Charles in 1960 Ruby Ann by Marty Robbins in 1962 Ruby Baby by Dion in 1963 Ruby dont take your love to town by Kenny Rogers in 1969 Ruby Tuesday by the rolling stones in 1967

How do you get to dewford on pokeemon ruby version?

Remember Peco, the wingul you saved? Yeah, well the bird's owner is south of Rusterbro....Its been a while since I played Ruby, and I dont remember the spelling, but yeah, that town. He has a boat and will take you to Dewford.

Can you get a shiny beldum in Pokemon ruby version?

Probably but it would take a lot of time

How can you take off an hm in Pokemon ruby version?

by going to lilycove and talking to the move deleter

What is the value of the blue sapphire stone?

if your talking about it in leafgreen of firered version pokemon, take it to celio, and he will take it and tell you to get a ruby also, then you are able to trade with ruby, sapphire, and emerald games.

List all songs with RUBY in the title?

Ruby by ray Charles ruby ann by Marty robbins ruby baby by Dion ruby, don't take your love to town by Kenny rogers ruby duby du by tobin matthews and company ruby Tuesday by rolling stones Ruby by The Kaiser Cheifs (subitoad) Ruby Soho by Rancid Ruby Red by Marc Almond

How do you catch lileep and anorith without a link cable in ruby version?

you cant the only version that you can get both emerald achully i found a root fossil on my ruby which you take to the Devon fassilitys and talk to the scentist at the back row of computers on the second floor Hope this helps you

In Pokemon Ruby Version how long does it take a chesto berry to grow?

it takes 72 steps for the persone tov grow a berry

Is there a shop where you can buy Pokemon ruby sapphire manga in Singapore I dont want to order online cause I live in singapore I can order online from chuang yi but i want a shop to buy from?

Currently, there is no American version. My guess is they would only release it if they wanted to or if a Pokemon Ruby/Saphire remake hit the market to take advantage of popularity (they're doing that for Black/White)

You feel you love your wife but she thinks you dont love her what should you do to show her that you do love her?

cook her favorite dish and eat it under candle light. if you dont want to cook give her some flowers and take her out to eat.

How can your Pokemon learn to cut in ruby version?

your Pokemon CANT learn cut in ruby, sapphire or emerald. you have to trade a Pokemon that's holding the TM cut (from sinnoh region game, platinum, diamond and pearl) then take it off them and they can learn cut.

How many times does it have to take off before you can go on in Pokemon ruby version?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. i think it only happens on japan versions. by Andrew