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She has been maried four times. She had her eldest doughter Alexa with singer Billy Joel. Her only son, Jack with Richard Taubman. And her youngest douhter Sailor with x multi millionare architect husband Peter Cook (who she is in the mist of divorcing rite not).

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Jean-Francoius Allaux (married) 1973-1981 Billy Joel (married) 1985-1994 Richard Taubman (married) 1994-1995 Peter Cook (married) 1996-2007

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4 times

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Q: How many times was Christie brinkley been married?
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Christie Brinkley was divorced 4 times. Heather Locklear was divorced twice.

How many times has Christie brinkley been divorced?

She was divorced 4 times

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If Peter Cook is a successful architect why did Christie Brinkley pay for everything?

It is not known why Christie Brinkley paid for everything during her marriage to Peter Cook. Christie and Peter have been divorced for a few years.

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She's been through 4 divorces, so I think she's just focusing on her 3 children.

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