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The Undertaker has been WWE champion 4 times. World Champion 3 times.

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2011-05-11 01:23:03
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Q: How many times has the Undertaker held the WWE champen belt?
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How many times did Undertaker win the world heavyweight title?

As of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in 2010 he has held it three times.

What wwe belt has Kane never held?

Well he has held the world heavyweight belt, the wwe belt, the ecw belt, the intercontinental belt and the world tag team championships so that just leavs the united states belt and the WWE tag team championships

How made up the team that held the WWE and wcw?

undertaker and kane- the brothers of destruction

WWE Who won in WWE campionship belt?

many superstars some that still wrestle today and who have held it are the great khali randy orton the miz shameus triple h the rock big show edge Kane and the undertaker

How many times has Triple H held the WWE belt?

technicly 13 because of the championship scramble but if you want to keep it simple 12 times is what everyone in wwe says

How many times did khali hold the world heavyweight championship title?

The Great Khali has held the World Heavyweight belt one time

Is The UnderTaker any good at wrestling?

Yes, he has won many matches and has held many belts.

What boxer held the world's heavyweight title for the longest time?

Joe Louis held the world Hvywt. title the longest of all time. Louis defended the belt successfully 25 times, a record.

Who won the heavyweight championship held on cristmas night?

undertaker won by DQ because batista interfered wich ended rey mysterio doing the 619 on undertaker and then on batista

What is the answer to this joke Why was the belt arrested?

it held up the pants

What belt did Bruce Lee hold?

Of course he held black belt! if there is anything higher than black belt than that is what he wore.

Will Undertaker vs Sting at WredtleMaina 31 Will ever Happen?

As of October 2014, there is not mention of Undertaker vs Sting being held at Wrestle Mania 31. Although many fans are hoping it will.

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