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he went platinum 0 times

Lil Wayne went platinum 6 times tha block is hot, tha carter 1, 2, 3, rebirth and i am not a human being

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2 times

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Q: How many times has eminem went platinum?
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What rap artists went platinum in a week?

Lil Wayne , Eminem, 50 cent , & (i think) Limp Biscuit

How many times was Nevermind by Nirvana mad platinum?

Right. Well in America alone it went 27x Platinum, which means it sold 27 million copies. But worldwide it sold over 100 million copies which means it went 100x Platinum.

Which Lil Wayne solo album went double platinum in the US?

it went 3 times platinum still the CD sucked!!!!!

How many platinum albums does Taylor swift have?

Kelly Clarkson has recorded six studio albums and all six have gone platinum. Her 2004 album, Breakaway, went 6 times platinum.

Why is eminem's album marshall mathers lp not diamond cirtified having sold over 10 million copies?

Because it went 9x platinum!

How many Grammys did van halen win?

Van Halen I went diamond Van Halen II went 5x platinum Women and Children First went 3x platinum Fair Warning went 2x platinum Diver Down went 4x platinum 1984 went diamond 5150 went 6x platinum OU812 went 4x platinum For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge went 3x platinum Balance went 3x platinum Van Halen III went gold

How many young jeezy albums went platinum?

Young Jeezy has actually had 3 Platinum cds TM:101 TM102 and The Recession They all went platinum.

How many no limit albums went platinum?


How many years did it take Justin Bieber to go platinum?

Not many. My world, his first album, went platinum:)

How many Snoop Dogg albums went platinum?

All of them.

How many of R. Kelly's albums went platinum?

all of them

How many of jay z albums went platinum?