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Q: How many times has eminem went platinum?
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How many platinum albums does Eminem have?

Every album Eminem has went platinum worldwide...

How many times did Eminem went to jail?

Eminem has went to jail twice

How many times has jay z went platinum?

45 and a half.

How many time have Lil Wayne went platinum?

he went platinum 0 times lil Wayne went platinum 6 times tha block is hot, tha carter 1, 2, 3, rebirth and i am not a human being

What eminem's teacher was called when he went to school?

Eminem transfered schools 3 or more times a year.

What rap artists went platinum in a week?

Lil Wayne , Eminem, 50 cent , & (i think) Limp Biscuit

How many times has metallica gone platinum?

Every album Metallica has made went platinum, so i would say about 15

How many times has jay-z's album went platinum?

I don't know that's why I asked

How many albums went gold or platinum for jimi Hendrix?

Are You Experienced went 4x Platinum, Axis: Bold As Love went platinum, Electric Ladyland went 2x platinum and Band of Gypsys went 2x platinum.

Which Lil Wayne solo album went double platinum in the US?

it went 3 times platinum still the CD sucked!!!!!

Did eminem last album go platinum?

I don't think so. It went close. then again, I'm not sure. But i don't think it did

How many platinum records did Van Halen have?

Van Halen I went diamond Van Halen II went 5x platinum Women and Children First went 3x platinum Fair Warning went 2x platinum Diver Down went 4x platinum 1984 went diamond 5150 went 6x platinum OU812 went 4x platinum For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge went 3x platinum Balance went 3x platinum Van Halen III went gold

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