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Q: How many times did eminem repeat ninth grade?
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How many times did Eminem flunk?

He dropped out of school in 9th grade after failing it 3 times

How many times can you repeat a grade?

Two times

When eminem graduated?

Yes, Eminem dropped out of highschool. He failed 9th grade due to truancy and at age 17 as a freshman dropped out.

What was Eminems education like?

Eminem dropped out of 9th grade after he failed 3 times. He claims he was bored with school and that's why he kept failing 9th grade. So he started to have a career in the rap buisness.

What school did Eminem go to?

he did not go to schoolAnswerHe was enrolled at Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan. After repeating the ninth grade three times due to truancy, he dropped out of high school at age 17.

Can you make a sentence with repeat?

Can you please repeat the question? He was able to repeat the process a number of times. You are going to have to repeat the fourth grade.

Did Eminem go to school for music?

No, eminem didnt finish high school he repeated the 9th grade 3 times and then dropped out.

How many times can a child repeat a grade in massachusetts.?


What was the education of Eminem?

Well he dropped out when he was 17. He was still in 9th grade. he failed three times

What year should have eminem graduated?

1991, but he dropped out of school after repeating grade 9 three times.

What middle school did eminem go to?

Lincoln High schoolEminem went to a highschool in Detroit but he just attended and then repeated the 9th grade three times and then he dropped out.

Did eminem go to school when he was young?

yes he want to school butt he drop out he naver made it pass the 9th grade