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The most ever for me was seven.

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Q: How many times can a man ejaculate in one night?
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How many times can man ejaculate during sex?

depends on the guy.

Can a man pre-ejaculate more than once?

Yes. He can pre-ejaculate many times during sex

How many times may a man ejcaulate?

Varies from person to person, some will ejaculate once and be normal and others will ejaculate 4-5 times and it be normal.

How many time can men ejacukate?

A man can ejaculate thousands and thousands of times. In a day a man ejaculates around 3 times.

What does unlipops mean?

A "pop" is when a man ejaculates. "Unlipops" basically means "as many times as he can ejaculate". This term is usually used by prostitutes who sell their services by showing that a customer may have sex with her and ejaculate as many times as he wants for a set amount of money.

How many times does man loose sperm during aweek?

You do not 'loose' sperm. If you do not ejaculate, voluntarily or otherwise, it is reabsorbed by the body.

Why does a man ejaculate?

It is the culmination of sexual activity.

Can a man ejaculate whilst on cocaine?


What causes a female to ejaculate?

A black man

How can you get white sperm?

By making a man ejaculate

Can a man drink a women ejaculate?

yes... i can

Does pre-ejaculate causes pregnancy?

Yes, pre-ejaculate can result in pregnancy. Pre-ejaculate itself doesn't contain sperm, but if the man ejaculates and doesn't urinate sperm can remain in the urethra and thus be carried along by the pre-ejaculate. Although the number of sperm that could be in pre-ejaculate are only small compared to how many are in ejaculate, there is still a risk of pregnancy.

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