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It is not more then three or four times.

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Q: How many times a day a man can have intercourse with a woman?
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How many times does a male ejuclate ate per day?

Well thats dependent on how many times he has sexual intercourse or masturbates in that day!?

Per a day how many times intercourse ok?

As often as both participants are comfortable with it.

How many times can you make love per day?

As many times as the man can get it up and the woman is willing!

In islam can we do intercourse on 5 th day of periods?

Whether or not you can have intercourse on the 5th day of periods depends on if the woman is finished with it and has taken a bath. If she is no longer menstruating then yes but if she still is then no.

When and how a woman should intercours for conciving?

awoman should have intercourse every day and during ovulation

Can you get pregnant from intercourse three days before your period?

You can get pregnant from sexual intercourse anywhere in your menstrual cycle, although the probability would be higher if a woman were on her 14th day, where she ovulates.

How many times intercourse be done in a week?

This depends on the age, physical condition and sex of the person. For a young man in excellent physical condition with a willing partner, he would be able to have intercourse 10-15 times in a week or perhaps more. That declines with age, of course, and by age 60, you probably won't be able to manage it every day; perhaps 4-5 times per week. For a woman, there aren't any real maximums other than time constraints and desire. The average couple has intercourse 2-3 times per week, decreasing with age.

How many times intercourse may be done in a day as per Islamic rules?

There is no set times of how many times per day a husband and wife can have sex, that is completely up to the husband and wife to decide together, or when they are in the mood. However, during the month of Ramadan, because of fasting, they are unable to have sex during the day light hours, if they do, then they have broken their fast for the day.

How many times does a woman need lipstick in a day?

about 6 times - after each meal and snack. On a night out drinking - about 6 times as well during the night. So per day during work and then going out got dinner, drinks and dancing a woman should apply lipstick about 12 times in one day.

Is pregnancy possible if intercourse happens on the twelveth or thirteenth day of menstrual cycle?

Yes, of course pregnancy is possible if you have intercourse on the 12th/13th day. During the typical 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile days 7-16, with around day 14 being the most fertile. Unless a woman wants to get pregnant she should always use birth control.

How many times any one can make intercourse in one day?

It depends on one's age, health, gender, and orgasms.the average frequency of sexual intercourse in the US is 112 times per year (age 18-29), 86 times per year (age 30-39), and 69 times per year (age 40-49)

How many time a man can a woman a day?

My bf do me like 6 times in a night so about 15 i guess