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All I know is that he has more than 15 tattoos. I actually think he has like 24-25. That's more than Zayn.

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Q: How many tattoos does Harry styles have 2012?
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How many tattoos does harry styles have in 2012?

Harry styles has 30 tattoos in 2013

How many tattoos does Harry Styles have in all?

over 30

How many tattoos does harry styles have all to gether?

like 42 tattos

Why does harry styles have so many tattoos?

maybe Because he wanted to show how manly he was.

How many tattoos does harry styles have 2014?

I think that right now it's about 54, but I can't be sure.

How many fans dose harry styles have?

How many fans does have harry styles

Is Harry styles dating anyone In July 2012 for real?

Nothing has been confirmed, but there are many rumors

What members of one direction have tattoos?

Zayn Malik (8) and Harry Styles (3) as of Aug 2012 lololol not anymore. I cant exactly count but the top tattoos that harry has is -birds on his chest - 'hi' from louis on his arm - locket on his wrist - 17black on his chest -star (wont stop till we surrender) inside bicep -filled in black star inside bicep -hanger inside bicep -gemma's name in hebrew (his sister) outside of bicep -i cant change other arm -things i cant other arm -bird cage ribish area -a (the tinnest) right before the crease of his left arm and some more but i cant exactly remeber! hope it helps :)

What would Harry Styles do if he had a girlfriend?

Harry Styles would probably buy her MANY things and be with her <3

How many adictions did Harry Styles do on the xfactor?

If u mean 'How many auditions did Harry Styles- Milward do on the X-factor?' then he only did 1.

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