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He has only one Which is the last 9-tailed Demon fox .Jinchuriki means 'the host of tailed beast'.In Naruto world only 1 tailed beast can be sealed per person. So Naruto has one which is the Nine tailed fox.Sora was a replica of Naruto's Tailed Beast's chakra.

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Q: How many tailed beast do Naruto have?
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Which tailed beast is Naruto?

Naruto is/was the host of the nine tailed fox, Kurama.

Tailed demands from Naruto?

there are 9 tailed beasts (demons) . but they have been taken by the akatsuki. naruto is the nine tailed beast.

Are there beast tribes in Naruto?

No. There are no tribes in Naruto. There are tailed beasts. (naruto being the nine-tailed fox host) And there are villages.

What is the name of the two tailed beast in Naruto?

The Two-Tailed Monster Cat.

Why akatsuki want Naruto?

the akatsuki want naruto because he has a tailed beast inside of him. they want to collect all the tailed beast so mandara uchiha can become the ten-tailed beasts host. when he has the power of the ten-tailed beast he can control the world.

What is the nine tailed beast?

A fox demon in Naruto Shippuden.

What is the name after a tailed beast is put in a human in naruto?


Which is the strongest tailed beast in naruto?

The strongest tailed-beast in the anime series Naruto, is the Nine-Tailed Fox, who currently resides inside Naruto Uzumaki. It's been said many times throughout the course of the series that Kurama (Nine-Tailed Fox) is the strongest tailed beast. He's able to cause tsunamis to appear and flatten mountains with a single swipe from one of his tails. Also, Kurama has stated that each tailed beast's power is determined by the number of tails it has. The nine tailed beasts are all fusions of the Ten-Tailed Beast, but Kurama is the strongest of the nine other tailed-beasts. Gaara's former tailed-beast Shukaku is considered the weakest by Kurama, as he only has one tail.

What episode does killer bee fight kisame?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 207 The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast

What episode is the sixth tailed beast in?

in the next episode were Hinata tells naruto she loves him then fights pain and naruto thought she died so the so the six tailed beast was triggered

In Naruto what does the 5 Tailed Beast Look like?

The 5 tailed beast looks like a dolphin/horse tailed beast. You can find the picture at this website: :D

Who is the strongest jinchuriki in naruto?

it is the ten tailed beast, but it did'nt exist, but recently, it is nine tailed demon fox.

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