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You Don't Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce Are You Jimmy Ray - by Jimmy Ray Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne by The Looking Glass Go Jimmy Go by Jimmy Clanton Jimmy Mack by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas I Wanna Love Him So Bad by The Jelly Beans.... Contains the line "I know his name, his name Is "Jim". I can't be blamed for loving him". Jim Dandy by Laverne Baker Jim Dandy by Black Oak Arkansas (same song) (1974) Oh Jim by Lou Reed Jim (sung by Billie Holiday)

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Jesse James Bolero Prefab Sprout
Reuben James Kenny Rogers
Baby James Casey Dienel
James Billy Joel
Sweet Baby James Alex de Grassi
James K. Polk They Might Be Giants
I'm James Dean Government Issue
Penguin, James Penguin Brad Paisley
James Connolly Wolfe Tones
Jesse James Symphony Prefab Sprout
My Name Is James Disney
James (hold The Ladder Steady) Sue Thompson
James Bond Herman Finkers
James Joyce Soles Deacon Blue
James River Cracker
James Bondage Pansy Division
James James Morrison Morrison Chad Mitchell Trio

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Plenty do you want song names with the name James or songs with James in the lyrics?

James - Billy Joel

Bobby James - N.E.R.D.

Oliver James - Fleet Foxes

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Q: How many songs with word jimmy in them?
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