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On most mixtapes there are at least 10 tracks but they can be up to 25 and up. Most mixtapes are just freestyles that the artist does with samples from other people's songs. In most cases, they are used without permission and are made to diss another fellow musician.

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Q: How many songs are on a mixtape?
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What are the songs on Soulja Boy's new album SodFather?

NOT an Album. It was a mixtape but he didnt release it

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Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee has collaborated on many songs on his 6 albums, his 2003 compilation album, his two mixtape compilations, his two live albums, his soundtrack album, as well as his many solo releases, promo songs, and other songs in which he was a featured performer.

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How do you download a mixtape?

This completely depends on what website you're using. A quick google for "free mixtape downloads" will bring up a few websites. A simple site to download mixtapes would be If you want the whole mixtape you have to register which only takes a few seconds, otherwise you can download separate songs!

How do you download mixtapes?

It really depends on what website you use & whether they offer mixtape downloads or not. My favorite website would have to be, it's extremely simple to download. You can also download separate songs if you don't feel like downloading the whole mixtape. Another decent website with mixtape downloads would be datpiff.

How many mixtape nicki minaj sold?


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Beautiful Girls The Mixtape She Fine The Mixtape

How do Imix songs together on my computer is there any free software I can use if so where can I find it I want to mix songs to gether and put them on a mixtape?

iTunes and Windows Media Player can combine many different songs on 1 CD. They don't create 'remixes', which requires professional non-free software.

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