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Over 10 million... Estimated at about 14 million.

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Q: How many records has Nelly sold on his album 'Country Grammar'?
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How much did Nelly country grammar album sales?


Did Nelly sale a diamond album?

Yes, Country Grammar.

When did Nelly release the song Country Grammar?

On June 27, 2000 Nelly released the song and album Country Grammar. It was Nelly's best album to date, selling nearly 10.5 million copies in the United States alone.

What album is Nelly must be the money on?

The song is called Rid Wit Me and is on the album Country Grammar

How many albums did the Nelly Country Grammar album sell?

Over 8mill

What was Nelly's first album?

Country Grammar, which came out September 22, 2000.

How many records did Nelly sell?

While an exact number is unknown, Nelly has sold approximately 21,815,000 albums in the United States alone. His debut album, Country Grammar, was released in 2000.

Who recorded the song Country Grammar?

The song 'Country Grammar' was recorded by an American rapper called Nelly, for his debut studio album. The song was released on the 27th of June 2000.

Did Nelly album Nellyville go diamond?

No country grammer did

Who wrote the song 'Ride With Me'?

The song "Ride With Me" is a song by American rap star Nelly. It was released in April 2001 as the third single form the album "Country Grammar". The song peaked at number 3 in the Billboard Chart.

What was Nelly Furtado's first album?

Whoa, Nelly! (2000)

Nelly Furtado recently announced the title of her 5th studio album on Twitter What is the title of Nelly Futado next album?

Nelly Furtado's newest album is a Greatest Hits called "The Best of Nelly Furtado" released on November 12th 2010.

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