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Given that the reader is never informed exactly how many boys were on the island it is difficult to say how many survived to be rescued at the end of the book. It is easier to rule out those who definitely didn't survive until the end of the book. Simon and Piggy were both killed. The littlun with the mulberry coloured birthmark on his face was never seen again after the first fire set alight a pocket of jungle, so presumably he died too. Ralph stabbed at least two members of Jack's tribe with his spear but it wasn't mentioned how badly injured they were. So you can say that there were definitely two less than there were at the start, probably three and possibly five.

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Q: How many people were rescued in lord of the flies?
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Why are flies such an appropriate metaphor in Lord of the Flies?

In the book, the kids refer to the littluns as insects. Piggy even says that he couldn't remember all their names because there were SO many. Thus, they are considered to be like swarming flies. Too many to count, and insect-like. That is one reason why the book is called Lord of the Flies. The other reason is that from time immemorial, one of the many names for Satan has been "The Lord of the Flies". The older boys (excluding Piggy) are the Lords of the Flies. The protagonist, Ralph, is THE Lord of the Flies. Satan is the embodiment of all that is evil. This is eventually what the boys become as time goes on - truly evil.

How many shelters in total did the boys build on the island in lord of the flies?

Three shelters

What does Lord of the Flies symbolize?

There are many different symbolic images inThe Lord of the Flies, but the Lord of the Flies is a symbol himself. Towards the end of the novel when the Lord of the Flies speaks to Simon, is when his true symbolism comes out; the Lord becomes an indication of any type of beast and also a symbol of the power of evil. You could even take this answer as far as saying the Lord of the Flies symbolizes the devil whereas throughout the story, Simon portrays Jesus Christ (Biblical parallelism).Beelzebub, or a satanic/demonic representaion

How many huts have the boys constructed by chapter 3 in lord of the flies?

They make three huts.

When was Lord of the Flies banned in public schools?

It was banned independent by many school districts over the years.

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