How many people watch anime in the world?

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2015-04-30 23:59:45

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There are 7 billions people in the world and they are around 3 - 4 billion around One to twenty-one years old age and 60% of 3 - 4 billion watch anime, so it is 2 - 3 billions people.

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2015-04-30 23:59:45
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2020-10-26 17:20:28
its true??
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trey washmon

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2021-01-18 03:48:02
No, dude ripped this off straight from a google searched quara answer, which also had no basis.
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Henry Ross

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2021-11-29 19:36:01
how do you know
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2020-12-09 12:14:24


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kenny graham

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2022-06-22 18:40:05

3 Billion peaple watch anime

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Q: How many people watch anime in the world?
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