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I would guess as many as buy tickets.

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Q: How many people hope to win the lottery?
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How do you say hope you win the lotto in Irish?

Oh gurdd luck, hope you win the lottery;)

What is the future tense of hope?

It depends on how your are describing the expectation. 1. You can hope for the future. 2. I'm hoping to win the lottery. 3. He/she hopes to win the lottery. 4. I'd hoped to win the lottery. These are the four ways that I know of, all which describe something that will happen. By definition hope is 'to expect something with uncertainty of it happening'.

Why was the lottery invented?

The lottery was invented to fund public works. Even in the modern days, the main purpose continue to be same as earlier. Curbing illegal gambling is another purpose of modern day lottery.

Which word can be used instead of in the hope that?

I will play the lottery expecting to win.I will play the lottery hopeful that I win.I will play the lottery wishing that I win.

About what percentage of people win the lottery?

5% - 10%

How can you win the million dollar Florida Lottery?

You would need to buy lottery tickets and hope. Theoretically, you could buy lottery tickets with every possible combination to guarantee that you win, but that would be very expensive and time-consuming. In addition, you might have to share the jackpot with other people who chose the winning combination.

How many people world wide win the lottery every year?

Anywhere between 1,000,000 and 10,000,000.

A sentence for the word fortune?

I've bought a lottery ticket and hope to win a fortune.

What is Minnesota's MSL?

MSL could stand for many things. One of the meanings is Minnesota State Lottery. It is a lottery, where you buy a ticket and hope you win some money. See related links for more information.

How do you win the Texas lotto?

You have to buy lottery tickets and hope that you pick the winning numbers. The Powerball lottery jackpot is currently $90 million.

What do many australians hope to win in lotto?

money people

How possible can you win a lottery?

I have to say, if you are wanting to win this, you have to have very very special luck. You are super-uper-duper lucky if you win one. Which means, the results are, you can barely win a lottery. You can only be very lucky. Don't try, you'll probably lose. Hope this really is true. I mean really, I know, my brother told me that there was only one single lottery in the whole world that is super jackpot. Bye, hope you see my other questions by Cupcakes4you2! Here are other questions: How can long ago people brush their teeth? How do you win a fashion show in fantage? Is minecraft a bug?