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This cartoon has killed 0 people is the world because it shows no harm to children or anyone else

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About 6 almost 7

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Q: How many people has the tattle tale strangler killed so far on SpongeBob?
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Who killed SpongeBob?

Flats and The Tattle Tale Strangler wanted to beat up SpongeBob.

How do you get revenge on a tattle tale?

Tell your side of the story before the tattle tail can get to whoever their going to talk to

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Who killed SpongeBob?

Flats and The Tattle Tale Strangler wanted to beat up SpongeBob.

How many people did the tattle tale stangler kill on SpongeBob?

none the strangler was mistanken for a customer

Who is the strangler in SpongeBob?

The strangler is called THE tattle tale strangler. He has a vendetta against tattle-tails. He is a creepy looking fish with a scar on his face. He is only in one episode though. (But don't worry, Sponge Bob lives!)

What would a person do with a Tattle Tale?

A tattle tale is one who often tells on others for doing things. One often tells a tattle tale that it is not nice to tell on other people. Sometimes a tattle tale can be a good thing if one is doing something they really shouldn't be doing.

When did Tattle Tale end?

Tattle Tale ended in 1995.

When was Tattle Tale created?

Tattle Tale was created in 1992.

What do you call people who tattle besides tattletales?

Finks.Snitches.Elite Players in Mafia Wars

Who Were told to tattle on each other?

The purtains were told to tattle on the pilgrims

Who were told to tattle in each other?

The prutains were told to tattle on the pilgrims

Should people stop snitching?

Don't "tattle tale" but drop dimes on real criminals.

What does tattle tail mean?

Usually known as a childish term, a "tattle-tail" is a person who tells a supervisor (adult) about what another person has done, earning the title of "tattle-tail"

What is tattle taleing?

"Tattle-tailing is not so much "Telling on someone" or "Ratting them out." It's more of doing those acts repeatedly.ex. "Jacob keeps telling on people, He's such a tattle-tail!REPLY TO ANSWER: YOU GO GIRL! some one who answered my tatle taling question said somthang that bugged me to heck! Cheak it out my question was: If you told on a friend that was cheating are you a tattle tale?PS: THIS other girl responded after... WHAT A SWEETIE SHE WAS!!!