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They had 14

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2011-01-14 22:44:08
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Q: How many number 1 hit songs did motley crew have?
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How many 1 hits did motley crew have?

Motley Crue never had a number one hit. There biggest chart hit was Dr. Feelgood, which peaked at number six in September, 1989

How many motley crue songs are there?

148 not including live songs on albums, copy's, remixes, or demos

How many songs does motley crue have?

id say anywhere from 100-200 in other words not enough :)

How many members of Motley Crue are in the yacht rock band Yachtley Crew?

Many factions of Motley lore continue to stem from the rumor that Yachtley Crew is a Randy Castillo side-project. This has never been truly confirmed, as each member of the band wears a mustache and they sometimes switch identities so fluidly, you think you're playing a game of Three Card Monte! Maybe the whole band is Motley Crue! Until they wear warpaint, we may never know the answer!

How many songs have Motley Crue covered?

about 5 or 6 songs: helter skelter jailhouse rock white punks on dope smoking in the boys room if i die tomorrow could me more songs not sure though If I die tomarrow was a crue song there is Streetfighting man Tonight :by the rasberries anarchy in the UK teaser those are all on a motley album

How many number 1 songs does Whitney Houston have?

She had 11 number one songs.

How many number one songs did Elvis Presley have?

Elvis had 18 number one songs.

How many songs has Latino made?

he has made an atounding number of songs

How many songs does kesha have?

she has 32 songs,and she is a number 1 singer.

How many number 1 songs for the who?


What is the name of the rock song that begins with a car driving sound?

Many songs fit that description . My favorite was "Stick Shift" by the Duals in 1961. Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue

How many songs does 118 gb holds?

The number of songs that 118 GB can hold is approximately 23,000. The number does depend on the length of the songs that are downloaded.

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