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He's only had two. (I think he looks cute with or without the nose jobs). He had his first nose surgery when he fell and his nose broke, than he had a difficult time breathing through his nose so he got another surgery to fix the breathing trouble. Other than that, he said he has had only two nose jobs. This is correct, technically only two nose jobs. But according to his doctor, he has had a couple of injections which shrink the nose. So he is technically correct when he say's he has only had two nose jobs. He just wasn't asked if he ever had any enhancements which is what the injections would be called. HE HAD TWO/2.

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Michael Jackson only ADMITTEDΒ  to having two nose jobs.Β  Compare the photos from 1979 to the time of his passing three decades later and you'll see the results of far more than two.
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Q: How many nose jobs has Michael Jackson had?
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What did Michael Jackson have done?

He had 2 nose jobs.

What was done to Michael Jackson's face?

Nose jobs and a chin implant.

How many nose surgeries did Michael Jackson have?

2 nose surgeries

How much plastic surgery did Michael Jackson have?

He had a chin implant/cleft and a couple of nose jobs.

What happened to Michael Jackson's ear?

Michael Jackson was known for having several plastic surgeries especially on his nose. The doctors are thought to of used his ear for skin for his nose jobs. His ear was severely disfigured.

Did Michael Jackson have nose surgery?

He has had nose surgery on his nose many times. Actually just twice

Did Michael Jackson have a hole in his nise?

No Michael Jackson did not have a hole in his nose.

What where Michael Jackson's early influences?

Michael Jackson's life was greatly influenced by his father (Joe Jackson) He was terribly abusive to Michael and his brothers. This affected Michael for the rest of his life. Speculation says that Michael's Nose jobs were because of his father teasing him about having "a big nose" in younger years. His father was a perfectionist which made Michael one too in later years.

Did Michael Jackson died with no nose?

No, he still had a nose.

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Nobody will be able to say all of them, but here are a few. The words they make are in capitals: michael jackSON (Son) MichAel jacksoN (Man) miCHaEl jaCKson (Check) michaEl jackSON (Nose) micHaEl jACkson (Ache)

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