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Technically two and two things that are kind of nipples but not actual nippples so yeah...four

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Q: How many nipple's does harry styles got?
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Does harry styles from one direction have four nipples?

Because he was born that way. Because he was suposed to have a siamese twin but it didnt work so he got his twins nipples. Thts What I heard.

How many fillings has harry styles got?

he has got four fillings

Does harry styles really have an extra set of nipples?

Harry Styles has four nipples because that's how he is. It's a simple answer and honestly either you take him for who he is or you don't. He is who he is. No, he doesn't have four nipples. He has his nipples then two moles under his sexy chest muscles.

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Ofcourse not!

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No, he hasn't.

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