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Ward Bond appeared with John Wayne in 22 movies and two TV shows

Rio Bravo (1959) .... Pat Wheeler

The Wings of Eagles (1957) .... John Dodge

The Searchers (1956) .... Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnston Clayton

Goodhue, alias Buck Garrison

Hondo (1953) .... Buffalo Baker, Army Indian Scout

The Quiet Man (1952) .... Father Peter Lonergan

Operation Pacific (1951) .... Cmdr. John T. 'Pop' Perry

3 Godfathers (1948) .... Perley 'Buck' Sweet

Fort Apache (1948) .... Sgt. Maj. Michael O'Rourke

Dakota (1945) .... Jim Bender

They Were Expendable (1945) .... 'Boats' Mulcahey

Tall in the Saddle (1944) .... 'Judge' Robert Garvey

The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) .... Wash Gibb

A Man Betrayed (1941) .... Floyd, Amato's Goon

The Long Voyage Home (1940) .... Yank

Conflict (1936) .... Gus 'Knockout' Carrigan

College Coach (1933) (uncredited) .... Assistant coach

Maker of Men (1931) (uncredited) .... Pat

The Big Trail (1930) (uncredited) .... Sid Bascom

Born Reckless (1930) .... Soldier

The Lone Star Ranger(1930) (uncredited) .... Townsman at the dance

Salute (1929) .... Midshipman Harold

Words and Music (1929) (uncredited) .... Bit part

He also appeared it two TV shows with Duke, his best friend.

TV-"Screen Directors Playhouse"- Rookie of the Year(1955)... Buck

"Wagon Train"- The Colter Craven Story (1960) TV Series .... Maj. Seth Adams (1957-1961) Duke had a cameo role and it was directed by John "Pappy" Ford.

Collected by Keith Payne with the help of Ethan Edwards of John Wayne Message Board.

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Ward Bond has 271 acting credits. While most of these are films, some are television roles. At the time of his death in 1960, he was starring in the television series "Wagon Train".

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Q: How many movies was ward bond in?
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